CMT Marquee

Audition Registration for 50th Season CMT Marquee productions of Disney Newsies and Guys and Dolls.

CMT Marquee Productions features a cast of CMT alumni as well as many working actors from the Bay Area.  Through age-appropriate casting, Marquee productions offer opportunities for performers of all ages.  Marquee Productions has become a CMT tradition, and highlights CMT's full artistic potential with high-caliber entertainment that benefits the organization and the community.

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We're excited to begin work on our 2017-2018 Marquee season! In casting age-appropriate performers for Newsies and Guys and Dolls, we hope to create not only an outlet for experienced Bay Area performers, but also an opportunity for CMT alumni and new friends to perform as well! Both Marquee productions will be presented as a benefit for all the programs at CMT San Jose, and performed at the historic Montgomery Theater in downtown San Jose.

  • Auditions:
    • July 31st (Male only): Ages 16-20 @ 6pm, Ages 21+ @ 8pm
    • August 1st: Female only @ 5pm


    • August 7th, August 8th by appointment
  • Callbacks: August 1st, August 9th
  • Performs: December 1–10, 2017

Guys and Dolls
  • Auditions: September 5 & 6
  • Callbacks: September 7-9
  • Performs: April 20-29

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NEWSIES Audition Information

All auditionees must download and complete the following rehearsal calendar. Please bring this with you to auditions.
Rehearsal Calendar

If you would like to be considered for the following roles you must sign up for the appropriate DANCE CALL: Register here

  • Jack Kelly
  • Davey
  • Katherine Plumber
  • ALL Newsies

If you would like to be considered for the following roles you must sign up for a vocal audition time slot: Register here

  • Katherine Plumber
  • Medda Larkin
  • Pulitzer
  • All Adult Ensemble Roles

We will be accepting video submissions ONLY for the role of Les. For more information please email


JACK KELLY (Male Aged 16+ to play 17 - 22 years old) Handsome, passionate and charismatic leader of the Newsies. A street-smart kid with a dark artistic soul right beneath the bluster. Not a blowhard. This kid's the real thing. Must have a great pop tenor voice.

DAVEY (Male Aged 16+ to play 16 - 21 years old) A thinker. Raised in a home as opposed to the other Newsies, Davie is the book-smart counterpoint to the other boys. The voice of reason. A nice Jewish boy. Must have a great contemporary tenor voice.

LES (Male Ages 9-12 ONLY) Davey’s fearless younger brother. Excited by everything the world has to offer and eager to join the adventure. Fun is this kid’s middle name. Must sing very well.

JOSEPH PULITZER (Male, 40s) The boisterous forefather of Wm. F. Buckley Jr, Glenn Beck and Rupert Murdoch. An on point, know it all, politician. Impolite and impatient with the world. Must sing well.

KATHERINE PLUMBER (Female Ade 16+ to play 17 - 22 years old) The strong willed daughter of Pulitzer. This young lady drips smarts, opinions and confidence. A young Katherine Hepburn or Ellen Page. This damsel needs no prince to save her. Must have a great pop/contemporary musical theater voice with a high belt.

MEDDA (Female, 40s – 60) A vaudeville star of the Bowery variety. Risque, tough, with a big voice and GREAT comic delivery.

NEWSIES – (Male Aged 16+ to play 16 -25 years old) Incredible dancers. Passionate and charismatic.

FEMALE ADULT FEATURED/ENSEMBLE – Nuns, Secretary, Women, etc.

MALE ADULT FEATURED/ENSEMBLE – Scabs, Reporters, Publishers, Policemen, Customers, etc.

  • All auditions and callbacks will be held at the CMT rehearsal hall at 1401 Parkmoor Avenue, Suite 100, San Jose, CA 95126.
  • Please bring a copy of your headshot and resumé to your audition.