Childrens Musical Theater Cats

We understand that life can be busy! However, when you are cast in a CMT (Children's Musical Theater San Jose) production, it is expected that you will attend all rehearsals for which you are scheduled.

When you attend an audition, you will be asked to fill out a conflict/rehearsal calendar and submit it to the CMT staff so that we are aware of any prior commitments that you may have during the rehearsal period. Please include any and all commitments that might prevent you from attending rehearsal, especially during the crucial two weeks immediately prior to the opening of a show. This includes anything from birthday parties to athletic practices or events to vacations – you get the idea! It is better to inform us of anything and everything that might present a problem, rather than run into difficulties in the midst of the rehearsal process.

If you have too many conflicts during the rehearsal period, it may be suggested that you wait and audition for a show when you are able to make rehearsing and performing a top priority in your life. We want every CMT show to be a smashing success – and your participation will be a valuable part of that success!


49th Season Rehearsal Calendars