Team CMT

TEAM CMT is our amazing volunteer core. Without our volunteers, CMT would not be the organization it is today!

Did you know that it takes thousands of hours to make one of our productions run smoothly? Thanks to our parent volunteers and Team CMT, we are able to give the youth in our community an incredible experience in the performing arts.

Below you will find more information about joining TEAM CMT’s leadership group. You will also find links to volunteer on specific productions and ways to purchase production apparel and concessions.

Thank you in advance for being a part of the TEAM.

Team CMT

So What is Team CMT?

Engagement Team: “Welcoming all to the CMT community”

  • The Engagement Team reaches out to new families to ensure they feel welcome; introduce opportunities to become deeper involved with CMT; build camaraderie between families and parents; and plan opportunities to engage and build our CMT community. Staff Liason: Kristen Hermosillo

Mentorship Team: “Finding your perfect path”

  • The Mentorship Team works with all CMT families by directing them down a path custom tailored to fit their interests. A family’s path will change and grow over time and it is The Mentorship Teams responsibility to work with families and guide them on this positive journey from Junior Talents to Rising Stars to Mainstage and Beyond. Staff Liason: Shannon Self

Production Team: “Supporting the technical and tangible”

  • The Production Team helps to provide opportunities for families to learn new skills and improve old ones all while making sure that CMT San Jose’s productions continue to meet and exceed our audience’s high expectations for quality. Staff Liason: Josh Rose

Education Team: “Enhance learning in our artistic endeavors”

  • The Education Team supports CMT’s training programs, promotes patron and participant development, and encourages local community outreach opportunities; in order to ensure that every child in the Bay Area has access to train and perform at the #1 youth theater in the nation. Staff Liason: Deanna Knudsen

Communication Team: “Spreading the word”

  • The Communications Team works with all families new and returning to help promote CMT on every level of engagement utilizing various mediums from grassroots to traditional media. Staff Liason: Anna Swan